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Pregnancy Favs I COULDN’T live without!

And…NO, I’m not pregnant again!  NOT YET, haha!  Those of you that know me know that I want a big family AND that I despise being pregnant!  However, both of my parents are only children, so I have no cousins or aunts and uncles…just my younger sister, Kristi, my best friend in the entire world, who is only 15 months younger than me.  Until Tony and I met, it was only the 4 of us and my 2 living grandmothers.

Tony and I were fortunate enough to get pregnant relatively quickly, seeing as I was on birth control for over 12 years of my life!  Charlie, my 20 month old, came at the perfect time in our lives, and Bennett, who is almost 8 months, was a very welcomed surprise!  We were in the process of moving to Dubai from Singapore when I got pregnant, so dealing with an international move while pregnant was a little less than convenient as you can imagine.  Both Singapore and Dubai are extortionately over priced places to raise a family (literally a glass of Chardonnay is $25), and Tony and I agreed 100% we wanted to raise our kids from age 5 in the States.

With pregnancy, it’s ridiculous to spend a fortune on clothes.  The first 10-15 weeks, you get a little puffy, but for the most part, your maxi’s and drapey tees will get you through.  You may have to invest in a couple pairs of pregnancy jeans or shorts, depending on the time of year, but that’s about it.  These were my top picks:

Long dresses pretty much were my life the last couple months.  We were still in Dubai and during both of my pregnancies I was 7-8 months pregnant during Ramadan.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with Ramadan, it is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad.  It is 110-120 degrees the entire month and most restaurants are closed during the day, or must be completely covered as to show no food as a sign of respect for those fasting.  Let me tell you, being pregnant, thirsty 24/7, and hungry…this is the WORST place to live!

Funny story…my husband and I were in the Mall of the Emirates shopping, trying to find me food, and were stopped by a security guard.  He gave me a ticket for $50 because my shorts were too short; this is when I was 8 months pregnant, it was 115 outside, and NOTHING fit!  Because most people are Hangry when they’re hungry and other things are raging in the body I’m guessing, women MUST dress conservatively during Ramadan…meaning knees covered, shoulders covered, which makes perfect sense when it’s 115 outside and most people would prefer to be naked!  At least I would 🙂

Anyhow, these are the dresses I’d recommend and some that were on my wishlist:

Some cute brands that I found to be flattering were:

-Ingrid & Isabel (any rushed tank dress)

-Isabella Oliver

-Storq (for basics)

-PinkBlush Maternity

-Jessica Simpson shorts/jeans were a hit or miss, but affordable and very comfortable

-Wolford (leggings and tights)


-Cake (this is a MUST for tanks!  They are the BEST!)

Other casuals I found to be pretty much the daily wardrobe were:

1 Brand that I HIGHLY recommend is Olian Maternity.  I got a couple of special occasion dresses here and the material and fit were AMAZING!


Most people want to explore and find their own cute little toys, bits, and bobs, but these were a few of my couldn’t live withouts and were used and still are with my boys:

For size reference, and so I can reminisce a little ;-), here were a couple of my pregnancy photos:

If you have any questions about other brands, recommendations, or just about pregnancy feel free to DM or e-mail me!

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