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When in London…

London is a bucket list spot for many travel lovers and I have to admit, it did live up to it’s expectations!  My friend Lisa and I took the train down to London last weekend for a girls getaway and to explore the city and have a little fun.  Typically, London can be a pretty wet dreary place, especially during the colder months, but we got SO lucky with the weather.  I have 2 boys under 2 and getting out of the house, much less the city, is unspeakable these days! Thank you husband for this little birthday treat getaway!!!!

This was the only shot of the Cherry Blossoms I got, but they really are incredibly beautiful and scattered throughout the city this time of year!!!

Sometimes it’s tough to stay fashionable, yet functional chasing babies around ALL DAY, especially when you’re still sporting a little mommy body! This Sweatshirt dress was perfect for the crazy morning I had getting my sick hubby set up for the weekend, getting my 19 month old, Charlie to daycare, getting Bennett, my 7 month old dressed & fed, and then getting myself to the train by 9:30. Thank God my girlfriend had a bottle of Champagne ready when I finally got on the train!!!!  Anyhow, I sported this outfit from morning right on into cocktails & dinner at one of the trendiest restaurants in London, Barrafina in Soho.

*Please excuse the hair mess…whatever it decided to do in the morning was the only option!  Mommies understand 🙂

2 hour tube ride south to London

Marriot Lobby on Park Lane

Barrafina in Soho is an open kitchen concept with a beautiful marble-topped bar where guests can sit and watch the chefs at work on stylish red leather stools. The a la carte menus comprise authentic regional dishes from Spain and there is also a daily changing specials menu.  When we arrived there at 5:30, the line was already out the door and around the corner!



We stayed at the Marriot on Park Lane, which is in the city center & a perfect spot for traversing around London’s best spots. Great Gym, Great Breakfast, the perfect spot for 2 girls looking for a good time. We started our day at the gym, followed by a monster breakfast.  I am borderline addicted to working out, feeding my body good quality food, and of course shopping!  Whenever I travel, I always book hotels based on their location, breakfast, and gym!

When you’re in London, you’ve GOT TO DO THE BUS TOUR!  May sound lame, but it’s the best way to get your bearings & map out your day. Buckingham Palace was a must for us, but there are a thousand and one historical monuments, buildings, museums, etc!  For a quick weekend trip, shopping and food were our high priorities!


Outside of the Buckingham Palace Gates

Queen Victoria Memorial

Borough Market was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It literally was the highlight of my trip. Fresh Everything from local farmers & bakers. The people watching, the atmosphere, and the food truly encompasses a unique experience. The outfit I choose to wear had to take me again from morning until evening and into the night. Sooo, something comfortable, stretchy to accomodate that food and wine, and casual, yet dressy enough to get into Hawkesmoor 7 Dials, where we’d be dining.


Pork Crackling & Rocket Sandwich w No Bun 🙂  Attempting to stay a little healthy!

Fresh Oysters?!  YES Please!

This iconic telephone booth smelled worse than you could EVER imagine…I couldn’t even stand in it!  I guess some people think it’s a public bathroom!

The coffee/chocolate shop below is sat right outside of Borough Market and was truly a treat. Of course we stopped in and grabbed a couple of flat white’s and maybe a couple chocolate bars and brownies 😉


One Aldridge was another MUST TRY for an original cocktail. I was boring and got my typical Dirty Martini, but Lisa was much more adventurous!  They can make ANYTHING! Skilled bartenders that also put on a nice show!




We then made our way to Covent Garden, one of the best shopping districts in London and onto Hawksmoor 7 Dials, a prominently known steakhouse that definitely lived up to it’s name!

Entertaining Street to wrap up the day!  Look at this Trojan’s Arms!!!  MASSIVE!!!!!


You will see these little buggies around everywhere decorated in all kinds of Arab Garb…brings me back to the Dubai days!! This little chariot playing 50 CENT, Candyshop, escorted us back to the hotel.


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