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Last International Move?!

We hope so!  After almost 9 amazing years abroad, we are FINALLY moving back to the US 🙂  It is a very bittersweet feeling because most of my adultISH life has been spent abroad.  I got engaged, married, and had our 2 little boys all while overseas.  We found out officially just last week, so to say organizing an international move with 2 babies under 2 isn’t EXTREMELY stressful is an understatement!  Before having kids, Tony and I discussed where we wanted to end up and it was without question in the States and less than at least a 5 hour flight from family (Definitely beats the 27 hours it takes to get to Singapore)!  We wanted to raise our boys around American sports and without a doubt in the American education system.

Bye Bye England!

We were talking last night and realized that by his first birthday (Sept 10th), Bennett will have lived in 3 different countries!  It’s hard to imagine that so much has happened in our lives in the past 3 years, but we are definitely ready to settle down and start planting roots and getting some consistency in the boys lives. For those of you that don’t know, Tony, my husband is in the oil and gas industry, which is why we will be moving to Houston 🙂  I’ve never been, so I am excited to explore a new State!  It’s only a 2.5 hour flight back to Charlotte, NC, (where both our families live), so we will be closer to family & friends than we’ve ever been!  Sooo excited to host both & to have the HELP!!!!!

Daddy & Charlie trying to get comfy

Trying to soothe the needy brother 🙂

Char ready for take off!

Bennett unamused by us trying to get a photo

Trying to make updates on Inst w/ this chunk crawling all over me!

Only wants his Mama 🙂

We knew this flight was going to be a nightmare from the start.  There’s just nothing positive that can come from a 12 hour flight with layovers and 2 babies under 2.  We started out in Darlington at 3:30 a.m, then flew into Amsterdam, then to Minneapolis, then home to Charlotte.  It was a L-O-N-G day!  Tony and I pretty much just wrote off the day and went in with the mindset of survival :-).  The flight was ok until we left Amsterdam.  Both babies decided not to take their second naps and proceeded to stay up literally until 10 minutes from home in the car.  Neither could even hold up their heads, it was so sad.  We had so much luggage that we had to have Nana meet us at the airport to drop off a second car seat and take all of the luggage.  Speaking of, these are THE BEST baby-to-toddler car seats…


This car seat has lasted through 4 international flights and is still just like new.  It is easy to install, functional, and worth every penny.  After getting the car seat, we still had to rent a car, which of course took another hour b/c they conveniently lost our reservation, and make the 45 minute drive home at 5:00 🙂  When we got to nana’s, we put the crying babes to bed, which both were happy to cooperate, at least until 3 AM, then were up and ready to go again.  After 2 nights dealing with jet lag, we are finally somewhat back to a normal schedule.

Our furniture will take about 10 weeks to arrive in Houston, so we are pretty much in limbo until then; basically between both Tony’s parents and mine, which live about 45 minutes apart.  Our kids haven’t had to ride in a car too often (we were able to walk most places in Darlington), so that will be a challenge getting them used to being strapped into a car seat!  Anyhow, we are happy to be back in the USA!

Happy Babies 🙂

We have lived in these pajamas the past 2 days in the house trying to adjust!  Hatley is one of our favorite brands for the boys pajamas.  They are great quality, breathable, and have the cutest patterns!  And it goes without saying, 90% of my pajamas are from Nordstrom.  These are the softest fabric and SO COMFORTABLE!!!!  I’ve linked 2 options above that are still a part of the Nordstrom Sale 🙂




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