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If you don’t move your ass in some capacity EVERY DAY, then you’re going to feel lazy, heavy, and lethargic (…and at some point, probably turn to food out of boredom or comfort). It doesn’t have to be some kind of insane workout! Go for a walk, take your kids or dog outside and play, go shopping, climb some stairs, walk from the furthest parking spot…anything to move! Our bodies weren’t made to sit behind a desk or in front of the TV, so make the best of your situation! When Tony and I were living in Singapore, we lived on the 16th floor. Mind you, a normal day is between 85-90 degrees and our stair case was ALL concrete. It was hot and miserable, but one of the best workouts I’ve done to this day, especially to lift your butt! Use the stairs instead of the elevator!

I took the boys up to Felton to visit my friend Lisa this past week and it was absolutely gorgeous outside! She is a fitness and nutrition guru and someone I really look up to for advice in life. She put me through an amazing workout, and Charlie as well! He had so much fun running around playing and disturbing mommy working out! Bennett was fast asleep for the entire hour we worked out 🙂




The Boys LOVE being outside!  They were outside at the pool every day in Dubai…it’s a little different in England, so we make the best of the days that are beautiful!

My go to workouts that I believe have made the largest noticeable changes to my body are:

P90X (the original):

Kayla Itsiness BBG:

I’ve tried Insanity, Focus T25, ALL of the P90X workouts, 21 Day Fix, Multiple PopSugar workouts if I was traveling and needed a 15-20 min workout, the list goes on. I attest to the 2 above that I mentioned. P90X is a little longer, you’ll usually need around an hour, and Kayla is a quick 28 minutes. No excuses, these can fit SOMEWHERE in your day. If I’m being completely honest, of the P90X workouts, my go to workouts if I need a GOOD WORKOUT and I want to be sore the next day, the legs & back workout and the shoulders & arms workout NEVER fail me.

Regardless of what you choose to do, DO NOT spend hours doing cardio or any form of exercise for that matter! Unless you’re hiking or biking or some kind of team sport that you’re thoroughly enjoying!

I would encourage doing 1 super high intensity workout once every 7-10 days. My choice is always sprints. It’s still pretty chilly in Darlington, so unfortunately most of my workouts are inside on the treadmill. If I had a track nearby, I would much rather be outside in the sunshine! I stretch, do a quick walk or jog for 5-10 min to warm up, then get straight into my sprints. I do 8 sprints total for 45 seconds each, ALL OUT! I take 1 min rests in between sprints and then a 5-10 min cool down when I’m finished. This takes 30 minutes! It’s my quickest and most painful workout in those 7-10 days! You should be sore the next day.

Everyone’s schedule is different. It made sense for me to stop working after our second baby was born, so fortunately I get to spend most days with both my boys. It can get pretty tricky trying to fit a workout in w/ 2 babies! Sometimes you’ve just got to get creative and get motivated!

Sometimes they will sit and watch…

And sometimes they will cheer you on!

Fitting some sort of fitness routine into your life is only going to accelerate the weight loss process as long as you are focusing on your diet and eating clean! Don’t let your week look like this…

Or you’ll be starting from scratch every Monday! Consistency and discipline are the key!

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