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I LOVE Fall!  It makes me in such a great mood the minute I wake up.  To be able to wake up with all my boys, grab some snuggles, a Starbucks, and a walk, makes me one happy girl!  I love the crisp air, the beautiful leaves, and most of all, the boots & sweaters!  Here are some cozy favs mixed with some fitness gear that I’ve been loving lately 🙂


Believe it or not, this is my first fall in 8 YEARS!!!!!!  And it’s my favorite season of the year!  It is SO NICE to be back in the US after being overseas for so long.  I may be getting a little carried away with my fall/winter wardrobe this year simply b/c I haven’t had to have warm clothes in years!  Well, except when we came home for holidays & the short stint we spent in England 🙂  In both Singapore in Dubai, there were no real seasons; it was always HOT, HOT, and HOTTER!

Let me tell you…my new favorite stores lately have been Carbon38Inflowstyle, and The Sports Edit!  They’ve got such trendy athleisure wear & great performance workout gear.  Great Quality, customer service, and they’re always having sales.

I have a HUGE crush on this cute little trendy outfit!  I haven’t decided if it’s too pretty to use as workout apparel, BUT I can definitely find an excuse for it to have a special place in my closet for running errands 🙂


In my opinion, a girl can never have too many pairs of high waisted leggings.  After having two C-Sections, I just feel better when my stomach is compressed for some reason.  PLUS it just smooths everything out 🙂  These blush pink leggings have been in my basket for weeks now and they’re about to be purchased.      My love for this color has grown so much and it’s really starting to show in my closet!  Good thing or bad thing?  My husband doesn’t think so!

I think all of these seamless love sleeve tops and leggings are so comfortable, effortlessly sexy, and such a fun new take on athleisure wear.  I have a couple of these crops and I use them so much when I workout b/c they keep me so cool.  They’re light, airy, and easy to pair w/ jeans for daytime activities as well!

I hope everyone is enjoying Fall as much as I am, and hopefully some of these goodies will inspire you to get out of the house & enjoy the beautiful weather!

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