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*Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale*

One of my FAVORITE sales of the year!!!! You can get some really good deals if you take the time to weed through the duds 🙂 Lucky for you I’ve gone through everything! Well, not EVERYTHING, but A LOT! I’ve organized my top picks by category below :-).

These are some great dress options for anything summer…Weddings, Events, Cocktails…a lot of these dresses come in other flattering colors, so make sure you check them out.

Summer Dresses

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One of the best items Nordstrom has on sale during this and the Anniversary Sale is its shoes! Tory Burch always has some impressive selections 🙂



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Loungewear has been my obsession lately. It hasn’t really, truly, reached summer here in the UK, so the boys and I are still inside a lot, which means pajamas and loungewear for me! I get so tired of wearing the same thing around the house, so I’m always looking for something extremely comfortable that I can move around in…doing laundry, cooking everyone’s meals, on the floor changing diapers, bottle feeding Bennett, chasing Charlie around etc.



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I am always on the lookout for sale’s in this department. If you read my blog last week, I’m a huge fan of commando’s bras and undergarment’s; I’ve had my eye on this bandeau bra below for awhile, so when it popped on the sale list, of course it had a home in my basket.



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Accessories! The hidden cost of purchasing one or two of these babies always sends my shopping bag above what I wanted to spend. But they are SO crucial to an outfit. Nordstrom always has some great handbags and jewelry options.



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Jeans, Jeans, Jeans. I’ve been hunting for a great pair of jean shorts since January and I’ve just decided to wait until we get back to the States in July, so I can try them all on! Jeans and Jean shorts are SUCH a personal thing. Everyone is different!!! The taxes on anything sent to the UK is absolutely outrageous (I’m talking half the cost of whatever item you’re purchasing outrageous!), so it really doesn’t make sense to buy anything online from the US here unless its absolutely necessary.



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Here is a little round up of some last minute items I found myself really liking!


Bits & Pieces

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I hope everyone has a wonderful day and enjoy your shopping!!!!

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