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Life Lately & My September Top Ten!

Hi Guys!  So sorry I’ve been MIA lately!  Life has been a little crazy the past 8 weeks moving back to the States…So, So thankful God has provided us with this opportunity & As Always with HIS Perfect Timing 🙂  Charlie just turned 2 August 22, and we just celebrated Bennett’s 1 birthday on September 10th!  One of the most important points Tony and I decided on before when we moved overseas was that once we had children, we definitely wanted them to be raised in America around sports and the education system.  Thankfully that prayer was answered.

HOWEVER, that’s not to say life’s been simple these past few weeks!  We’ve been living between Tony’s parents and my parents and switching houses weekly b/c our 40′ container will take 8-10 weeks to arrive.  We decided to vacation in the Carolina’s w/ the boys for a month, and then make the move to Houston & stay in a temporary furnished house until we decided where we wanted to live.  It’s now month 2 in the temp house and we’ve finally chosen a house that we think is perfect for our little family!  We won’t close on that house until October 17th.

Needless to say, I’m on the verge of going nuts stuck in this house with the boys…I’m sure they’re going nuts too!  Our yard is not fenced in (what little one we’ve got), we have a limited number of toys (all the boys care about), & it is SO HOT and Muggy in Houston; going outside and playing is out of the question.  I’ve been taking them on morning runs just to get out of the house, but to be honest, that’s getting a bit monotonous.  Tony’s been traveling lately, so I’m making it a point now to try and make some friends!  This is the first place we’ve ever moved where I’ve had no friends living closely!  Soooo, this leads me to my TOP 10 items that are keeping this mama sane right now!!!!


1. Lululemon Running Shorts – I’ve always been such a fan of Lululemon, but the past year I have to say the style of shorts they’ve been coming out with has not been my cup of tea; they’ve been too short, not the right color, or have ridden up or hit my waist in all the wrong spots.  I say that, and then when I wandered in there to look around last weekend, I found the CUTEST, BEST FITTING shorts I’ve seen in a while, and I am really picky with running/work out shorts.  They can’t ride up, they’ve got to be light, yet long enough so I don’t look like I’m attempting to look 20 something.  These shorts are the best and I got 1 of each 🙂

2. Harbinger Workout Gloves – Sooo, since Tony’s been gone and I’ve been complaining about not being able to workout with the boys nap schedules being pretty much opposite, my wonderful husband bought me a rower to use in the house :-).  No more complaining on my end, but it has literally torn my hands apart.  I’ve been watching tutorials to make sure I’m doing it right, but I’ve just purchased these little babies b/c I’m sick of seeing calluses on my hands!  Ewwwww.  They’ve also been great for lifting weights, burpees, any of those high intensity exercises most people dread 🙂  If anyone else has the same problem, you can find them here (and they’ve got other cute colors):



3, Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine – Since we’ve been living in a temporary house in Texas for the past 3 weeks, waiting to close on our house (crossing my fingers that it’s October 17th!), I’ve literally been going a little crazy stuck in the house with Charlie & Bennett.  The house is furnished thankfully and both boys have their own bedrooms, so I’m not complaining too much, but as other mom’s can sympathize, it’s a lot of work taking a toddler who always wants to walk and a baby that always wants to be held anywhere!  I can’t let them outside b/c we are beside a main road and I can only take them running so many times!  The Rower is a pretty amazing machine if you’re not familiar with it…it is the only piece of workout equipment that works 86% of all the muscles in your body.  More than the treadmill, stair stepper, elliptical etc.  I love it because it really targets your lat muscles (those pesky muscles that have gotten a little squishy on me since we’ve been home!  Link Below!


4. See Kai Run – If you have a Toddler & you haven’t heard of the shop See Kai Run, you need to visit their online store!  They’ve got some really cute girls and boys toddler and first walker shoes on clearance right now!  I have a hard time finding shoes for Charlie sometimes b/c his foot is fairly wide, and these fit him so well.  I’ve just bought the Elias below (Khaki shoe), and I can’t wait to get them in!


5. Charlie’s Restoration Hardware Toddler Blanket & First Pillow (sigh) –  My little boy is growing up so fast!  It’s bittersweet, that’s the only emotion I can use to describe it!  I just bought him his first pillow and blanket and they match his room perfectly and BOTH are on sale (major plus at Restoration!)

Charlie’s Blanket

Charlie’s Pillowcase

The 100% down pillow comes separately and I am beyond impressed with the quality!  Charlie is too 😉

6. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides – I have shopped on iHerb for about 7 years now when I was still in Singapore!  Their products, service, and shipping is unbeatable.  I’ve been using this Collagen Powder for 3 years now and I wish I would’ve taken a before and after photo.  My skin is usually so dry and since I’ve been using this, I’ve seen such a difference in the skin on my face & body.  I drink a cup of green tea every afternoon with my collagen powder and a squeeze of lemon.  You can’t even taste it!

7. Hyaluronic Acid – I started taking this along with my collagen everyday 3 years ago and the biggest change I’ve seen in my skin is the suppleness & hydration in my face.  The small wrinkles around my eyes and forehead were less visible and my skin was just overall healthier.  This is what hyaluronic Acid is known for:


  • Cellular Hydration & Lubrication for Skin, Joints & Eyes
  • Non-GMO + Gluten Free
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Eye Health
  • Cell Turnover
  • Joint Lubrication
  • Skin Hydration
  • GMP Certified

It is found in every tissue of the body and is an essential lubricant of healthy joints, skin and eyes, and promotes cell turnover. HA is one of nature’s most water loving molecules and is responsible for the control of tissue hydration and water transport between cells.  In my opinion, a small investment for your skin you live with forever!


8. Lectrofan Micro– So over the course of 2 years, I’ve ended up buying a total of 5 sound machines, due to travel/ moving/ different plugs, blah blah blah…and all of them have been “Top Rated” by Amazon, Baby Center, Google, etc..  This is hands down the BEST & most functional sound machine I’ve purchased for both boys white noise and for me!  I can throw this little guy in my purse for picnics, outdoor events, or stream my spotify or apple playlists in the kitchen or anywhere in the house.  It holds an amazing battery charge and the speaker is so clear!   If you’re looking for a sounds machine for a nursery or toddler’s room, you WILL find one setting on this that you’ll like.  It’s a waste of money to buy a sound machine just for a nursery.  After you decide to stop the white noise, this one serves another purpose for your household!  Highly Recommend!


  • Ten unique sounds for sleep and relaxation, including five fan sounds, four white noise variations, and a soothing ocean sound
  • Compact swivel design lets you project the sound where you want it for optimal effectiveness. Pattern is rubberized soft touch
  • Wireless Bluetooth audio with a built-in microphone for listening to music or making conference calls with your smartphone
  • Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 16 hours of ambient sounds or six hours of streaming audio between charges
  • With rich, lush sound in a small size, it’s a great way to take white noise and wireless audio with you wherever you go



9. Serene House Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser – I love this thing for myself and for my babies!  I tried it initially in our room with some of my YoungLiving Oils and loved it so much that I kept Bennett’s and bought him and Charlie new ones :-).  Creates such a harmonious sleeping environment and makes the room smell amazing!

10. Pottery Barn Animal Bath Towels

These are the sweetest, cutest, softest toddler and baby towels!  Charlie and Bennett were fighting over the dinosaur towel tonight at bath time!   Who Won?!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Promise I’ll try to get back to posting weekly/bi-weekly!  I’ll also add some more about fitness and some new nutrition/diet challenges I’m currently testing 😉


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