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Two Tried and True Diets … In My Opinion

I’m not going to promise that these diets are easy!  I feel like so many of us want this magic pill that makes us drop pounds immediately; I hate to be the bad guy, but without willpower and A LOT of effort and discipline it’s not possible.  My husband Tony and I are very social and we love to entertain, go for dinner & drinks, bbq’s, brunches, etc.  When we committed to doing this diet for the first time, we learned a lot about each other!  The biggest being that I can turn into a monster wife without my wine and cheese!  It was SO difficult the first time we did it, but it was SO WORTH IT for how amazing you look and feel when you’re done.  In the grand scheme of things, 30 days is nothing.

Against my will, I’m posting these before and after photos b/c I feel like you need some kind of evidence that this works for a 5’4 female that works out a lot and still had this weight to lose.  My hubby agreed to let me post his photo as well, although I honestly didn’t see that much difference for him other than carving out his abs!  He’s one of those guys you love to hate b/c he ALWAYS has a 6 pack and biceps, regardless of what he eats.  He really did this challenge to be supportive of me!  Plus, I do all the cooking ;-).





Each of our bodies are different (as I mentioned in my previous post), and you’ve got to get to know your body!  My body is comfortable at 58 Kilograms (128 pounds), and fights me to get any lower!  After this diet, I was 116, and I honestly couldn’t have felt any better.  I maintained my workouts (about 5 days a week), although the diet suggests stopping your workouts b/c of the massive change in energy you may experience at the beginning.  I was coming off of Whole 30, so I was more used to this style of eating, so I didn’t feel too much of a dip in my energy levels.  My husband, on the other hand, almost fell off the treadmill every time he tried to do any sort of cardio!  I would recommend listening to your body…if doing cardio or weights doesn’t make you feel good, WALK (I promise that won’t make you pass out!).  Just move ;-).

Ok, now for the good stuff.  I’m going to outline the diet and if you’d like a food list and need more instruction, information, or need to ask additional questions, DM, Comment, or E-mail me!  Again, I’m not a nutritionist or doctor, but I have done this 3x now.  I used this diet to get rid of all my baby fat AFTER breastfeeding and also to stop my milk production when I was finished breastfeeding.  If you try this diet while you’re still breastfeeding your milk WILL DRY UP!

Here it is Clean & Simple:

-Anything Green (Vegetables + Avocados)

-Protein (YES BACON!!!!!), try to avoid processed meats and go for pasture raised/organic

For 15 days, only green veg & protein, then you can add all the colorful vegetables and protein the last 15 days.  No Dairy, Fruit, or Nuts, and that goes without saying NOTHING processed and NO SUGAR!  Black coffee & teas are fine 🙂  Bulletproof coffee is fine (lifesaver for me!).  You can cook with olive oil, ghee, coconut oil, and avocado oil. Spices are fine.  You can eat as much protein & greens as you’d like; this is not a starvation or count your calories kind of diet.  Just stick to the foods mentioned and be patient.  I lost about 4 pounds the first week and a half, and then didn’t lose anymore until the last week!  So be patient.

If you really want to try this diet and you need help, have a question, or just want someone to listen to you complain, I’m here!


Moving on to the other diet.  Well, actually I’d call this one more of a lifestyle change, KETO.  I’m sure you’ve heard about this one.  It’s been gaining so much popularity in the past year and it does work.  For me, keeping track of the macros was too much work for me with 2 babies in the house!  I already feel like I’m cooking and feeding all of the other humans in my house all day; I hardly have time to eat, much less take time to prepare & calculate food for myself.  The percentages of dietary macronutrients are 65 – 75% fat, 15-25% protein, and 5-10% carbs.  This did not feel like a diet to me b/c fat is delicious and makes everything so divine, and you’re eating quite a bit of it…almost seems too good to be true!  Keto is not as clean cut as the diet above, so if you’re interested in this one, turn to the professionals for a VERY interesting read. The Keto diet has some pretty amazing data backing it in terms of reprogramming your genes and curing diseases, helping with epilepsy, diabetes, etc.  Basically it’s putting your body in a state of metabolic efficiency where you’re able to burn stored energy in the form of body fat & ketones; it’s going to help you sustain energy, mood, and cognitive focus.  Again, sounds too good to be true, but it is!  It does take effort in tracking and familiarity with everything you’re consuming throughout the day.  I’d recommend these books:


This diet is much more indulgent than the first.  If any diet allows me to have cream in my coffee, cheese, chocolate, and alcohol, I’m in!  It does take more focus and time tracking, so for now I’m all for Paleo b/c I don’t have to think…but maybe when the kiddies are a little older, I’ll be back to this one!  It honestly doesn’t feel like any sort of diet to me.  I hope this helps anyone that’s trying to lose a couple pounds!  It really is all about your diet.  You can exercise your heart out, but if your diet isn’t on track, then your body isn’t going to be on board with letting those pounds go 🙂  Good Luck!


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