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This post has been a long time coming & I’m sorry for the delay!  I just found out last week that we are OFFICIALLY moving to HOUSTON!!!!  Back to the States for the first time in almost 10 years!!!!  But it’s forced me to neglect my blog a little bit :-/.  Hopefully this will be the last international move for us for a while!  I’ll do an official post once I get a little more organized!!!!

I feel like I covered this a little bit in my last fitness post, but the best workout advice I can give any of you is to MOVE your body every single day.  Regardless of what you are doing: walking, running, parking in the furthest parking spot, taking the stairs, etc.  Anything is better than nothing; I think this is a great mentality for those girls who are just starting to workout or have just given birth.  After both my C-Sections, the thought of working out was very overwhelming.  I was in the best shape of my life before I had Charlie, and by the time I was done breastfeeding, it seemed like all that work had disappeared!

I only breastfed Charlie for 8 weeks (not by choice), but I tried to do way too much too fast after having him and my body just couldn’t handle it.  I was up all night breastfeeding, working out in the morning, cooking, trying to clean, and after 8 weeks my body said that’s enough.  I started having de-habilitating migraines and spent 4 days in the hospital after quite a few trips beforehand; my migraines were so bad my speech was impaired and of course it scared Tony!  I think they were glad to see us go when they finally admitted me and released me with medication to help!  SOOOO, when I say listen to your body, listen, or it will MAKE YOU LISTEN!  The medication I took didn’t allow me to breastfeed; it was heartbreaking for me b/c I was so set on breastfeeding him and I was so angry with myself for not spending the time to let my body heal.  Having a baby is such an incredible gift God has given us and I’ve learned to rest and enjoy the entire process b/c time flies!  The moments & memories with your little ones you can’t ever get back!

After my second C-Section, I really took my time getting back into fitness.  The stair stepper, Elliptical, and just walking outside were my go to exercises.  I can say that doing something, ANYTHING, while you are pregnant really helps speed up the recovery, and although you feel like you’re starting from scratch after giving birth, a lot of your strength comes back within a month or so.  After about 2 months, I started the Kayla Itsiness Fitness Plan, BBG:

It is a 28-minute resistance training workout. It’s 8 total sets of resistance exercises that mix in bodyweight and light dumbbell reps + cardio. You’ll rotate the first 4 sets of exercises for 7 minutes. Rest for 30 seconds. Then, rotate the 2nd set of 4 exercises for 7 minutes. Rest, then repeat the same thing that you just did.  It is perfect b/c it is literally 28 minutes!  If you say you can’t fit a 28 minute workout in your day then you’re lying!  The entire program is 12 weeks, and then you can move onto BBG 2.0!  A typical day looks something like this:

This is Week 4 if it looks difficult!  To me, all the workouts looked simple until I actually started doing them.  It really starts to fatigue your muscles more than you can imagine!  Really kicks your butt in the best way!


Another workout I’d recommend to literally MELT your fat away is sprints.  I DREAD this day every week, but after I’m finished I feel so good about myself.  There’s been tons of research done on the effects of doing sprints or HIIT intervals, and the results are 100% positive both for your body and your mind.  In order to see the results, you’ve got to go ALL OUT.  It’s recommended that you do a high intensity workout of some sort every 7-10 days.  I aim to do a total of 30 minutes:


5 min warm-up (I walk 2 min, then jog 3 min)

20 minutes sprinting (sprint 45 seconds, walk 1 min, then repeat until you do 8 total all out sprints – make sure they fit in that 20 minute window)

5 min cool down (I always walk)


This workout is quick and very effective.  Once you get into your grove and you can comfortably do this workout every 7-10 days, then add a 16 hour fast (or IF- intermittent fast) beforehand.  I usually do my workouts in the morning while my 2 boys nap, which is around 9:00.  So I stop eating around 8 pm, then I’ll have a black coffee in the morning, do my workout, then eat lunch/breakfast around 12:30-1:00.

Hope this gives some of you some new ideas and as always, feel free to DM me or FB message me 🙂


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